Imported Fine Foods

Imported selection of fine Italian foods...

Imported Foods

The aroma of a classic sauce simmering on the stove, or the joy of the most perfect latte are just two ways to indulge in the fine assortment of imported foods that Vicentina offers.
Visit Vicentina Fine Foods today to explore the unique selection of distinctive fine food items available for purchase. From cheeses and oils, to cured meats and fine coffees, some of Italy’s finest ingredients have been specially ordered by Vicentina for you to enjoy.

Cheeses and Oils

Classic Italian flavours depend on good cheeses, like Pecorino or Grana Padano, and on quality oils. Come in today to browse our wide selection of both.

Rice and Pasta

A wide selection of pastas and rice is available to help take your next meal to perfection. Renowned Italian brands such as Ferron, Spinosi, and Fiorillo are always available.

Cured Meats

The deli counter at Vicentina Fine Foods boasts an impressive range of prosciutto, artisan salametti and guanciale, and even Vicentina’s own cured sausage. Stop by today and try something new.

Other Fine Foods

From fine-quality espresso and coffee, to delicious antipasto ingredients such as olives and artichokes, Vicentina has the imported goods to make your next meal full of authentic Italian flavour.

Frozen Foods Selection

An impressive range of ready-made meals, including pastas, meats, side dishes, and even desserts are ready to make your next weeknight meal convenient and delicious.

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"My friends and I are busy moms with not much time to prepare homemade dinners. Since my friend made a recommendation to stop in and check out the prepared meal items I have since then become a regular. My family loves Vicentina gourmet lasagnas and I love picking up the breaded veal and chicken cutlets. Dinners are quick, easy and delicious."
Charlotte, Mississauga

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  • Breaded Chicken Cutlets
  • Breaded Veal Cutlets
  • Gourmet Meat & Pesto Lasagna
  • Veal Parmigiana
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Desserts & more…
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